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Mission Statement 


Cory's Tree Services Inc. are proud supporters of the green movement. We take great pride in our respect for the environment and all the inhabitants of this island planet.


Our mission is preservation where possible, and the mitigation of impact on the surrounding area and habitats. When it's not, we aspire to integrate principles of environmental sustainability into every aspect of our work. This requires recognizing the complexity and interdependence of systems and collaborating to generate innovative solutions. 


To be a voice for those without one.


We believe "Sustainability" is a way of living based on the simple idea of choosing actions that protect habitat and resources for the future generations of all species.


Cory P. Watson 

Cory's Tree Services


Bee Hive Relocations

More than 60,000 Honey Bees saved in Everett, Ontario


Honey bees relocated during Cookstown tree removal

Cory provides free Bee Hive relocation included with all tree services.

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